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ZBrush PolyPaint Source Files model and textures.


This project features:


• Zbrush 4R4 Set Up (Saved as ZProject for complete set up.)


• Multiple Subtools (Various model, material and texture types all in one file. All pieces have UV’s generated.)


• Multiple Texture Maps and Source Files (The final ZIP package contains textures and other source materials that were used to create this piece. )


• Both Posed and Non-posed Model. Both Textured and Non-textured Project Files (Complete example files for study and also a project with no color so you can create your own combinations.)




Purchase instructions : 1. Use Paypal "Buy Now" button and pay on Paypal site. 2. After Payment is complete use the "Return to" link to redirect to your download page. 3. Download your file from the download page.

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