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ZBrush Human Male Obese body type.


This model features:


• 6 Subdivision Levels (Highest subdivision level supports skin pore level detail. Win 7 with 4+ Gigs of ram is suggested for this Sub D level.)


• Pre-Made Polygroups (for simple clean model isolation.)


• 3 Blend Shapes that are stored in 3D layers. (Arms up, Arms down and mouth open.)


• Created in ZBrush 4.0 (Saved in .ZTL file format.)


• Full UV Support (Fully laid out UV’s for the entire model.)



Purchase instructions : 1. Use Paypal "Buy Now" button and pay on Paypal site. 2. After Payment is complete use the "Return to" link to redirect to your download page. 3. Download your file from the download page.

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