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Maya 2012 And 2015 Heavy Demon with Mentalray and Mix20Layer


This scene features:


• Shader Examples (MissFastSkin is used for the skin SSS. Mix20Layer shader node examples for Photoshop style blend modes directly in the shader. Mix multiple shaders together right in the hypergraph and render as one shader at render time.)


• Lighting Set Up Examples (Point and Spot Lights are preset up to render using Mentalray raytrace shaders.)


• Skinning Examples (All models are weighted in this scene, you could even add you own animation to the character.)


• Corrective Blendshape Example (Visible on the last frame.)


• Maya 2015 Version Added (Special Maya 2015 version that uses surface shaders and layered textures to composite shaders directly in the render. This replaces the need to use the JS_MultiLayers set up. This set up allows you the same type of control but uses only Maya default rendering nodes.)




Purchase instructions : 1. Use Paypal "Buy Now" button and pay on Paypal site. 2. After Payment is complete use the "Return to" link to redirect to your download page. 3. Download your file from the download page.

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